January 23, Wednesday 8.30 - 9.00    Registration 9.00 - 9.10    Welcome   Session: Modularity (Session Chair: Stefania Gnesi)
9.10 - 9.50 Christoph Seidl, Uwe Assmann
Towards Modeling and Analyzing Variability in Evolving Software Ecosystems
Discussant: Ina Schäefer
9.50 - 10.30 Arne Haber, Carsten Kolassa, Peter Manhart, Pedram Mir Seyed Nazari, Bernhard Rumpe, Ina Schäefer
First-Class Variability Modeling in Matlab/Simulink
Discussant: Christoph Seidl
10.30 - 11.00    Coffee Break   Session: Quality Attributes (Session Chair: Eduardo Almeida)
11.00 - 11.40 Hyesun Lee, Kyo Kang
A Design Feature-Based Approach to Deriving Program Code from Features: A Step towards Feature-Oriented Software Development
Discussant: Sergiy Kolesnikov
11.40 - 12.20 Sergiy Kolesnikov, Sven Apel, Norbert Siegmund, Stefan Sobernig, Christian Kästner, Semah Senkaya
Predicting Quality Attributes of Software Product Lines Using Software and Network Measures and Sampling
Discussant: Hyesun Lee
12.30 - 13.30    Lunch   Session: Industry and Tools (Session Chair: Ina Schäfer)
13.30 - 14.10 Thorsten Berger, Ralf Rublack, Divya Nair, Joanne M. Atlee, Martin Becker, Krzysztof Czarnecki, Andrzej Wasowski
A Survey of Variability Modeling in Industrial Practice
Discussant: David Benavides
14.10 - 14.50 Deepak Dhungana, Dominik Seichter, Goetz Botterweck, Rick Rabiser, Paul Gruenbacher, David Benavides, Jose A. Galindo
Integrating Heterogeneous Variability Modeling Approaches with Invar
Discussant: Thorsten Berger
14.50 - 15.20    Coffee Break Session: Industry & Tools (cont´d - Session Chair: Mathieu Acher)
15.20 - 16.00 Reimar Schröter, Thomas Thüm, Norbert Siegmund, Gunter Saake
Automated Analysis of Dependent Feature Models
Discussant: Edson A. Oliveira Junior
16.00 - 16.40 Leandro Lanceloti, José Carlos Maldonado, Itana Gimenes, Edson A. Oliveira Junior
SMartyParser: A XMI Parser for UML-based Software Product Line Variability Models
Discussant: Reimar Schröter
17.30 - Social Program
Visit to the exhibition of Wassily Kandinsky

  January 24, Thursday
9.00 - 10.00 Keynote (Session Chair: Klaus Schmid)
Øystein Haugen
CVL: Common Variability Language or Chaos, Vanity and Limitations?
  10.00 - 10.30    Coffee Break   Session: Languages (Session Chair: Andrzej Wasowski)
10.30 - 11.10 Jörg Liebig, Sven Apel, Rolf Daniel
Feature-Oriented Language Families: A Case Study
Discussant: Antonio Bucchiarone
11.10 - 11.50 Antonio Bucchiarone, Claudio Antares Mezzina, Marco Pistore
CAptLang: A Language for Context-aware and Adaptable Business Processes
Discussant: Tillmann Rendel 11.50 - 12.30 Martin Erwig, Klaus Ostermann, Tillmann Rendel, Eric Walkingshaw
Adding Configuration to the Choice Calculus
Discussant: Jörg Liebig
12.30 - 13.30    Lunch   Session: Reasoning about and with Variability (Session Chair: David Benavides)
13.30 - 14.10 Alexander Von Rhein, Sven Apel, Christian Kästner, Thomas Thüm, Ina Schäefer
The PLA Model: On the Combination of Product-Line Analyses
Discussant: Mathieu Acher
14.10 - 14.50 Raquel M. Pillat, Fábio Basso, Toacy Oliveira, Cláudia M. L. Werner
Ensuring Consistency of Feature-based Decisions with a Business Rule System
Discussant: Alexander Von Rhein
14.50 - 15.30 Evelyn Nicole Haslinger, Roberto Erick Lopez-Herrejon, Alexander Egyed
Using Feature Model Knowledge to Speed Up the Generation of Covering Arrays
Discussant: Raquel M. Pillat
15.30 - 16.00    Coffee Break   Session: Evolution (Session Chair: Jean-Marc Jezequel)
16.00 - 16.40 Leonardo Passos, Krzysztof Czarnecki, Sven Apel, Andrzej Wasowski, Christian Kästner, Jianmei Guo, Claus Hunsen
Feature Oriented Software Evolution
Discussant: Mathias Schubanz
16.40 - 17.20 Mathias Schubanz, Andreas Pleuss, Ligaj Pradhan, Goetz Botterweck, Anil Kumar Thurimella
Model-driven Planning and Monitoring of Long-term Software Product Line Evolution
Discussant: Leonardo Passos
20.00    Dinner
  January 25, Friday
9.00 - 10.00 Keynote (Session Chair: Philippe Collet)
Paola Inverardi
Taming the uncertainty: Variability as a means for predictable system evolution
  10.00 - 10.30    Coffee Break   Session: Reverse Engineering (Session Chair: Roberto Erick Lopez-Herrejon)
10.30 - 11.10 Mathieu Acher, Anthony Cleve, Patrick Heymans, Jean-Luc Hainaut, Benoit Baudry
Support for Reverse Engineering and Maintaining Feature Models
Discussant: Iris Reinhartz-Berger
11.10 - 11.50 Bo Zhang, Martin Becker
Mining Complex Feature Correlations from Software Product Line Configurations
Discussant: Evelyn Nicole Haslinger
11.50 - 12.30 Ora Wulf-Hadash, Iris Reinhartz-Berger
Cross Product Line Analysis
Discussant: Bo Zhang
12.30 - 13.00    Wrap-up and Closing 13.00 - 14.00    Lunch

Keynote Speakers


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